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Each of my pieces are uniquely designed to make you feel and look your best.

About Me

My love for fashion and design started at a very young age. By the age of 15, I purchased my first sewing machine and would spend countless hours experimenting with different patterns and fabrics. However, it wasnโ€™t until four years ago that I decided to start sewing my own pieces. What started off as a passion project, turned into creating countless coverups for all women.ย ย 

My inspiration is and has always been a very special woman in my life: my grandmother. Like many women who immigrated to Canada from Europe, she was a talented seamstress. She was a wonderful teacher and a great mentor to me. I created SANDI to honor her and to keep her memory alive with me every day.ย 

About the Brand

ย When I design my coverups, I always keep in mind that most women, regardless of their age or of their body type, have some sort of vulnerability when wearing a swimsuit. It is for this reason, my goal is to change this experience for women. I want to make you feel excited and confident the next time you are by the pool or on the beach, wearing a SANDI original piece!

Every SANDI piece is handmade by me. From the selection of the fabric, to the design of the piece, I create coverups that make women feel confident and beautiful in their swimsuits. The majority of my pieces are a one size fits all. I decided to do this so I can cater to many different body types and make all women feel good in my pieces.

Some of our beauties in SANDI

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